Custom Yacht Tables, by Shipwright Style

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Tables from Shipwright Style

The flier above is for my custom  and semi-custom yacht tables. I enjoy building these and would like to expand more into this area. Part of what make these so enjoyable to design and build is that the variations are nearly endless.


The small table at the top is intended to be semi-custom, the length can be adjusted but the width is fixed at 14″, 16″ and 18″. This helps keep costs down as there does not need to be new patterns made for each table. The solid wood, veneers and profiles can be tailored to mach your individual needs and preferences.


Tables tops are great places to embellish. I’ve done wood inlays, epoxy inlays, installed fused glass tiles and even installed an antique compass under a glass plate in the center of a pilot house table. Laser cut designs can also be a good choice with many possibilities. I would be happy to work with Mitercraft to add your design or one of their “stock” details.


It says ” The pedestal is not included” Why? This only pertains to metal pedestals, wood ones are typically designed to match the table and I will build them, but there are many choices and manufactures of Stainless Steel and Aluminum ones. These range from about $150 to—- well just about whatever you are willing to spend. Some of my favorites are made by Crown Ltd. I think that they only show telescoping ones on their site but they will also build very nice fixed pedestals if you ask. I have used several fixed Aluminum ones that are good looking , feel solid and are reasonably priced.





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