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I‘m Dan Thompson, a shipwright/marine carpenter with 25 years of experience in custom yacht building.  Over my career I have filled many rolls including, cabinet maker, installer, project manager and production manager.

Most of the projects that I have been involved  with have ranged from 50′ to 110′ but there have been a couple on either side of that. All have been custom, for a specific owner. These have included a 68′ lightweight, 38 knot vessel to heavy long range expedition trawlers and quite a few that fall somewhere in between. On many of these I have been responsible for co-ordinating  with the laminating, mechanical, plumbing, and electrical crews, as well as the various subcontractors. Along with that I have worked closely with the customers and interior designers, to balance wants and needs, while looking out for the interests of the project.

I feel that my strongest skills are:

• yacht interior construction

• cabinet construction

• communication with crew and subcontractors

• communication with owners and designers

• interior design skills, cabinet and architectural elements

• planing, organization and workflow

• teaching/training

If you would like to see one of my favorite projects you can go to the Ardeo Design website and see the trawler Meander. Along with building and installing interior components while managing the build, I worked closely with Scott Cole and the customers, from doing full size mock-ups to hand picking veneers and  drawing construction details.

By the way, I highly recommend Scott and enjoy working with him.

I am presently working with Salish Sea Yachts on their new Doug Zurn designed  IS48.

For more detail and to view my profile go to my linkedin page.

If you would like more information please contact me.

Best regards

Dan Thompson


  1. Hello Dan-

    Nicely done in re your web site, and I will try to go look at the bigger boat project a little later. Great job of keeping Steve on board for a few weeks or months, as he is very good and a great guy, and possibly a very good friend at the end of the day or whatever. Surely the boys at San Juan in Anacortes can understand loyalty, which is somewhat lost on some folks.

    Hasta la vista,

    • Thanks for looking at the site Stan. Steve is a good guy, we’ve worked together on several projects together over the last 10 years or so. I appreciate your work on the project also and am confident that the caps will look great when done.


  2. Nice website Dan and thanks for placing notes and pictures on the page. You are an outstanding guy and fantastic shipwright. Now, let’s go build ourselves another one!


    • Thanks Pat,

      I’m glad you like the website, I’ve had fun figuring out WordPress and getting this set up. As far as the notes and pictures—- well it’s hard not to want to show off the Salish Sea a bit.

      I have really enjoyed this project, you and the rest of the company have been great to work with. And I am also looking forward to boat #2,3 etc.


  3. I almost read through your entire website; and I found that this is exceptional one. Unlike other website, you told us a lot of detailing and also how to get to there from concept to finished product. You were well explaining the key elements of detailing furniture/ built-in joinery work.
    I only have one quarter of your experience. I think you are great.
    Looking forward to see more recent works from your office.


    • Raymond, thank you for taking the time to read through my site. I enjoy sharing my experience and projects, as time permits I will keep adding to these posts.


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