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The Swim Door Latch by Southco

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Southco has a wide range of hardware and is one of my “goto” sources. I cannot think of a new build or major refit that I have been involved in, during the last twenty years, that I have not spec’ed out at least a few of their products.

If you have ever looked for a transom or side gate latch you probably noticed that there are few elegant choices. The Swim Door Latch by Southco is the one that I use most often. It is easy to install, has very good fit and finish and has nice, clean styling. Oh, and it is 316 stainless not 304!

The image shows one on a new 106 foot motor yacht.

Here is a link to the  Southco website page for this product.

Swim Door Latch on a new 106 foot motor yacht

Swim Door Latch on a new 106 foot motor yacht


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Hardware from Horton Brasses inc.

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A very nice brass lift off hinge

Brass Lift Off Hinge


I thought I’d mention these hinges and latches. Whenever I need traditional hardware, this is one of the first places I look. They make very nice parts, and for the quality, fit and finish, the pricing is very good. These hinges are machined extrusions. The pins fit tight , but not to tight.

The latch is also nicely machined as you can see from the pictures.





A very nice brass pantry latch

Brass Pantry Latch








brass pantry latch mechanism

Pantry Latch Mechanism

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Tricel Honeycomb Panel,Great for Lightweight Construction

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Tricel Honeycomb

Tricel Honeycomb


This is a small piece of a Tricel , a plywood skinned honeycomb core panel. It is a light weight, sound dampening, rigid material that is , in my opinion, perfect for bulkheads in yachts. I have used Tricel for many years on a wide range of projects. For more information contact the Tricel Honeycomb Corp.


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Minimalist Dash on The Salish Sea

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IS48 minimalist Dash

IS48 minimalist dash


I thought that I should add a picture of this dash now that is installed and complete. I am very happy with how it turned out, now if I would have just slide the screen covers out of sight before taking the picture. This relates to this previous post.


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V G Fir and Pacific Yew Cabinet Detail

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Yew Inlay on Fir

Pacific Yew on Douglas Fir

Above is a detail on the corner of the IS -48 nightstand. This is in progress. The finish is seal coats of Sherwin Williams conversion varnish. The final finish will be Medium Rubbed effect SW conversion varnish. I really like the look of the Yew against the Fir. For more info see IS-48 Look & Feel Concept

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Door Jamb Detail in VG Douglas Fir

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Door Jamb and Header

Door Jamb

Above is a detail of a typical door jamb on the IS-48. The wood is Douglas Fir and the finish is a medium rubbed effect conversion varnish.


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