A Small Settee

a small settee for SEA Marine

A small settee for SEA Marine


T his small settee was one of two pieces commissioned by SEA Marine, a boat yard in Port Townsend Wa. The intent was to design and build a functional piece for their booth at the Seattle Boat Show. The basic parameters were as follows:

•     classic yacht look
•    show a different style for the IS-48
•    be attractive and comfortable
•     medium toned fine hardwood
•     light weight, easily moveable
•     disassemble into main components
•     be a functional piece of furniture in the company showroom

It met the requirements and has worked well at the shows. The final choice of wood was Sapele, Sapele Pommelle veneer on the table and cork flooring. The details are distinctly traditional, but not overwhelmingly so.


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