Teak and Peruvian Walnut yacht table

A Teak and Peruvian Walnut yacht table

T his small table was commissioned for the saloon on a custom 57 foot trawler. The owner had a clear idea of what he wanted, so the design is primarily his. I did suggest the Peruvian Walnut, as he wanted something dark to contrast with the Teak. He also wanted solid woods, no veneers. It’s not that he has a problem with veneer, he just wanted the surfaces on this piece to be more durable. Tables can have a hard life. He also gave me a piece of ? …….well neither of us were sure, but it had been laying around in his home shop and wanted me to incorporate into some kind of accent. I decided to use it as butterfly keys at the corners. I think that they look very nice, while also adding strength to the joint.



  1. Good looking table. I particularly like the key inserts. Look forward to seeing more work…maybe something in doug fir

    • Thanks Robbie, it was a fun project. I will get pictures of something in V G Fir with Pacific Yew accents.


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