Hardware from Horton Brasses inc.

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A very nice brass lift off hinge

Brass Lift Off Hinge


I thought I’d mention these hinges and latches. Whenever I need traditional hardware, this is one of the first places I look. They make very nice parts, and for the quality, fit and finish, the pricing is very good. These hinges are machined extrusions. The pins fit tight , but not to tight.

The latch is also nicely machined as you can see from the pictures.





A very nice brass pantry latch

Brass Pantry Latch








brass pantry latch mechanism

Pantry Latch Mechanism


  1. I am looking for a lock for an amoire. It needs to be flush mounting on the back of the door. As I recall from an old catalogue, you carried such things. Thanks for your help.

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