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Joiner Bulkhead Construction Details

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The drawing below shows the key details for a typical joiner bulkhead intersection along with furring on a fiberglass bulkhead. There are several different materials used in this construction, each picked for a specific purpose. Not shown is the insulation which would go in the spaces between the studs. This would normally be 2” thick rigid fiberglass, or for better sound control 2 layers of 1” fiberglass with sheet lead sandwiched between. In either case fitting the material tight to the inside of each cavity is critical, gaps allow more sound to come through.

bulkhead section view

section view from above

The bulkheads will be built on a bench without the veneer panels then installed in sections on the boat. The wire chases, pull-wires, outlet and switch box cutouts should be done while being assembled as should the insulation be installed.

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A Custom Sycamore and Sapele Yacht Table

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Sycamore and Sapele Table

This table was designed for a customer with a new 45 foot custom trawler. They wanted something that suited their tastes and would go well with the more contemporary feel of this interior. We felt that the table should be relatively simple yet be a focal point for the saloon. I made concept sketches of a few different tables, they liked the look of this one. We made some minor changes and I did the construction drawings. In the meantime we discussed options for the woods. All agreed that the principal wood should be solid Sapele.  I suggested highly figured English Sycamore veneer with a starkly contrasting inlay for the table top. After looking at several options for the inlay I decided to use black tinted epoxy rather than Peruvian Walnut or Ebony.

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Yacht Cabinets, an Overview

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The pdf document below, is from a discussion that went back and forth with a interior designer friend. We were discussing methods of construction, documentation and how to get the ideas across to owners, builders and the crew. It is one thing to to design the interior, it’s another to convey the info to the crew so that it comes out as expected. While having good documentation is important, one really needs to design the details and build system to match the yards equipment and skill level.


Yacht Cabinet Construction- The Basics

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