A new yacht, what could possibly go wrong?

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┬áBefore I start posting the real blog posts, I thought that I’d give a rough overview of the topics that I’ll be covering. Most of this will relate to building, maintaining, repairing and refitting yacht interiors. I am hoping to help educate yacht owners and potential yacht owners on materials, techniques, terminology, best practices and potential pitfalls. While electrical, mechanical, and lamination are covered byABYC standards, the overall woodworking is not. They are usually built to “yard standards”. Many shops do a good job of this while many others are mediocre at best. Some of the potential problems are merely cosmetic or just an annoyance, others are safety hazards. I would like to share some of what I have learned during my career in yacht building.

Most of the topics will likely come from my day to day work, designing, planing, directing a crew and building yacht interiors.

The following is general list of topics I will cover;

  • Design considerations
  • Hardware
  • Woods
  • Other materials
  • Adhesives
  • Finish basics
  • What makes a fine yacht interior
  • Picking an Interior Designer
  • Scheduling, organization, good signs/bad signs

These all break into several subcategories which I will cover. I am open to questions and suggestions.




  1. trying to find you on facebook, wats your profile

    • My info is on linkedin, see the About Dan page

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