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Salish Sea Yachts IS48 Dash Concept Evolution

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T  he interior of the first Salish Sea Yachts IS48 is a Northwest Contemporary look, we have tried to carry that feeling through as much as is reasonable. After laying out the initial concepts, this has gone along pretty easily, the bunks, head cabinets, Yellow cedar ceiling (planking on the hull sides) flooring, etc. Not so with my original dash concept, it was a pretty much “normal” design that used the details of this boat, I just didn’t like it. We all seemed to agree that it would look to bulky in this interior. This being a fairly simple looking, (not cluttered) interior, I rethought the piece.

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Minimalist Dash on The Salish Sea

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IS48 minimalist Dash

IS48 minimalist dash


I thought that I should add a picture of this dash now that is installed and complete. I am very happy with how it turned out, now if I would have just slide the screen covers out of sight before taking the picture. This relates to this previous post.


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V G Fir and Pacific Yew Cabinet Detail

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Yew Inlay on Fir

Pacific Yew on Douglas Fir

Above is a detail on the corner of the IS -48 nightstand. This is in progress. The finish is seal coats of Sherwin Williams conversion varnish. The final finish will be Medium Rubbed effect SW conversion varnish. I really like the look of the Yew against the Fir. For more info see IS-48 Look & Feel Concept

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Door Jamb Detail in VG Douglas Fir

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Door Jamb and Header

Door Jamb

Above is a detail of a typical door jamb on the IS-48. The wood is Douglas Fir and the finish is a medium rubbed effect conversion varnish.


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A Cabinet for the MY Pelican

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a render to help with visualization

Above is a render from a refit that is happening in Anacortes Wa. The interior design is by GTH Design Techniques. I made construction drawings for this and built the sub assemblies, then they were installed by the refit crew. This view was just to help everyone have a better idea of what the interior should look like when done. The interior is mostly painted and will have a very clean European feel to it. The vessel will be headed to Italy after delivery.


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