A Custom Sycamore and Sapele Yacht Table

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Sycamore and Sapele Table

This table was designed for a customer with a new 45 foot custom trawler. They wanted something that suited their tastes and would go well with the more contemporary feel of this interior. We felt that the table should be relatively simple yet be a focal point for the saloon. I made concept sketches of a few different tables, they liked the look of this one. We made some minor changes and I did the construction drawings. In the meantime we discussed options for the woods. All agreed that the principal wood should be solid Sapele.  I suggested highly figured English Sycamore veneer with a starkly contrasting inlay for the table top. After looking at several options for the inlay I decided to use black tinted epoxy rather than Peruvian Walnut or Ebony.


One design decision that the customers made up front that really helped was, the table was to be fixed height not a hi-low one. They didn’t like to fiddle with raising lowering and moving it from dining position to coffee table etc.

The first image shows the table along with some construction details. The second image shows a little more of the interior. Note the simple clean details and the brushed stainless steel tiles in the galley. The table looks very nice in their saloon and they have been very happy with it.

Saloon/Galley View






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